Total Chill Out

This Aromatherapy massage works on rebalancing the mind through the sense of smell whilst stresses are eased away to create a deeper sense of relaxation. The correct blends are selected to suit you.

60min | 48.00

Lighter Legs

A soothing leg treatment for tired legs. Cooling peppermint energises whilst specific techniques are used to lighten up your legs and  soothe your soles. Ideal for Cyclists, Runners and Walkers. Also pre and post competition.

45min | 35.00


Muscles in the face are re-trained with specific lifting techniques, in turn invigorating the cells within the dermis for regeneration and repair.  A natural facelift combining Aryvedic techniques,  hypnotic movements and essential oils . 

60 mins | 48.00

Deep Tissue

Using specific techniques to reach beyond the superficial muscles, muscular tension is released. Combining stretching and lengthening movements, pain and restriction are eased. 

60min | 48.00

Head in Heaven

A mental de-stress treatment for those suffering with head and neck tension, 'brain fog' and feeling generally stressed out. Working on key areas that grasp tension with specific releasing and relaxing techniques.

45min | 35.00

O-Glo Signature Facial

A completely Tailored facial combining powerful organics, drainage, lifting, acupressure and prescriptive techniques to ensure the best results for your needs.  Includes a relaxing back massage to send you in do the deepest state of relaxation.

90 mins | 62.00

Detox and Glo

Completely invigorating and uplifting. A fantastic detoxing treatment. Body brushing and exfoliation sweep away toxins and prepare the body for a specific firming and energising massage.

60min | 48.00

Back to Basics

Who doesn't need a Back Massage? Working specifically to address your individual areas of tension, knots and aches. Using a variety of techniques to iron out any areas that are giving you grief or a little pick me up! 

30 mins | 28.00

Total Balance

Eliminating congestion and rebalancing out of sync skin.  Carefully selected blends of essential oils re-harmonise the skins' production of oil, reduce sensitivity and restores moisture levels, whether its environmentally stressed, hormonal, or s in need of some help. 

60mins | 48.00
Warning! You might just feel amazing!

Beauty & Maintenance



15mins | 10.00

Lip or Chin

15mins | 8.00

Lip & Chin

15mins | 14.00

Full Face

30mins | 20.00

Eye Care

Eyebrow tint

15mins | 10.00

Eyelash tint

30mins | 14.00

Lash & brow tint

30mins | 20.00

Lash & brow tint with shape

45mins | 28.00


Lip or Chin

15mins | 10.00

Lip & Chin

15mins | 13.00


15mins | 10.00

Bikini Line

15mins | 10.00

High Bikini

15mins | 15.00

1/2 leg

20mins | 17.00

Full leg

20mins | 17.00


30mins | 30.00


20mins | 25.00

Smooth Criminal

75mins | 80.00

(Full Leg, Hollywood, Underarm, Lip, Chin, Eyebrows)


Shellac  Fingers

45mins | 24.00

Shellac Toes

45mins | 22.00

Shellac Fingers & Toes

90mins | 40.00


A little bit of information

  • All bookings will require a non-refundable deposit to secure the appointment

  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellations, if this is not possible a 50% charge will be applied. 

  • Appointments outside of Buxton with a travelling time of up to 30 minutes will receive a travelling surcharge of £5.00 and up to 60 minutes of £10.00

  • All tinting will require a patch test at least 24hours prior

  • Minimum appointment duration 60 minutes

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